Can we bring in our own decorations?
You most certainly can. The only thing we ask is that no tape be used on our painted walls, and that you not use balloons outdoors. Other than that, be creative, and have fun!

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1. Can we bring in our own food and cake for our party?
2. Are we able to purchase additional food and drinks while we are here?
3. I see that we receive "food bucks" for our outdoor party. What does this include?
4. Where are we able to put our belongings and gifts while we are visiting your facility?
5. What is your chaperone policy?
6. We think that our birthday hostess did a great job. Can we give them a tip?
7. I booked my outdoor party for the 12 guest minimum. What happens if we have more or less?
8. What payment is accepted for our party fees?
9. How does our table time and reserved court time work?
10. Can we bring in our own decorations?
11. If we have our own ideas for our themed party, can we include them?