About Us

Battle Creek Parks and Recreation is a department of the City of Battle Creek, Michigan. The Department offers a variety of recreation programs and services designed to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles. The Department’s park system features 29 parks and 26 miles of hard-surface linear trail. Specialty facilities include Binder Park Golf Course and Binder Park Zoo, Woodland Park Nature Preserve, Willard Beach Park on Goguac Lake, Full Blast Recreation Center, and Kellogg Arena.

Battle Creek Parks and Recreation is committed to its mission to “provide recreation programs and services that improve the physical health and wellbeing of the individual and the community”. The Department offers numerous active programs for youth and adults including baseball/softball, basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball and much more. By promoting proper nutrition and healthy physical activity the Department strives to develop life-long healthy habits among today’s youth so that they become the healthy role models of tomorrow.

Master Plan
The Department maintains a five-year master plan intended to be an evolving document that provides direction for current and future recreation programs and services. The Master Plan identifies priorities and methods that can be used to develop and administer programs and services, including facilities, which support the department’s mission and goals.

Currently, our department will be amending the current version of the master plan to include 10 new projects. Adding them will allow staff to move forward with implementation of those projects if and when they receive adequate funding to pursue them.
The New Projects are:
  • Acquisition of land on 20th street for development of a soccer complex
  • Acquisition of green space along East Columbia Avenue for Kalamazoo River access and connections of downtown to the south side of town. 
  • Construction of Linear Park path along Kalamazoo River from Washington Avenue to Fountain Street. 
  • Construction of Linear Park path connecting downtown to Riverside Park
  • Expansion of Linear Park path to connect city to Pennfield Township and country trails
  • Construction of community spray grounds
  • Repair Willard Park beach house roof and replace current storage shed with larger building
  • Development of a park and trail system on Stone Jug Road
  • Safety and infrastructure repairs along Linear Park Path
  • Install a backup power generator in the Binder Park Golf Course cart barn
*Please take a look at the Amendments and Original Projects in Master Plan below in PDF files!

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The City’s Non-Motorized Transportation Network Master Plan is intended to serve as a guide to non-motorized trails and bike lane planning, funding, design and construction into the future. The Plan will also serve as a document that can communicate the coordinated goals and direction of the non-motorized transportation in Battle Creek. The Plan uses the Department’s linear path as a foundation for expansion and growth.

Needs Assessment
The Department’s Needs Assessment Survey is designed to help Department staff better understand the recreation needs and desires of the community. Results of the Needs Assessment Survey are utilized in the development of the Departments’ five-year master plan. The Department’s assessment of needs is on-going and citizens are encouraged to complete the on-line survey at their convenience. Results are continuously monitored to improve programs and services.

2016 Amendments To Five-Year Master Plan